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We make the process of CRM data migration easy!
Don’t spend hours moving data to your new CRM, connecting all the data fields and then configuring your system. Even in-built migration options that may come with your new CRM may not work the way you expect. Don’t trust your critical customer data to anyone but highly-trained specialists.

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Data Migration

Choose your CRM. We’ve got you covered

We offer automated migration services for over 30 of the most popular CRM’s, and custom migration services for all other systems.


Trujay has recently acquired Data2CRM, which provides an easy-to-use online tool for you to migrate to the CRM platform of your choice. The process is simple and ideal for those on a limited budget.

Custom Integrations

Your customer data is one of the most precious assets in your business, so don’t risk your business success by putting this into the hands of anyone other than an expert.

We can manage your CRM data migration in the knowledge that we use highly secure data servers, complete data protection, and thoroughly test and validate all data after it is migrated.


HubSpot Integrations

So, you’ve decided to use one
of the most powerful CRMs in the market, but you still need to add your
customer data?

You could do this manually, use an off the shelf tool, or use the built-in HubSpot migration options – but do you really want to risk one of your most valuable business assets (customer data)? We are HubSpot migration experts, in-fact we use HubSpot ourselves, so you can be assured that we have the expertise to get you set up on your new platform with ease.

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